Top Arts 2013

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Michelle Zhong

fibre-tipped pen
56.2 x 76.5cm (sheet), 56.0 x 76.5cm (sheet)
Studio Arts
Box Hill High School, Box Hill
From personal doodling, I was inspired to extend the scope of my drawings to incorporate the otherworldly symbols, zoomorphic architecture and chimerical beasts similar to those depicted by Bosch, and Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita. I found that I was heavily influenced by the impressions left after reading some of my favourite novels, and as a consequence began creating my work in tandem with this literary consciousness. This was consummated with a lifelong passion for side-line observation to produce a series of drawings reflecting my own fantastical view of social interactions in a variety of contexts.
Advice to new students
My advice would be to enter the subject with no preconceived notions as to what you will do, learn and create. Be inspired by something new every day, and do not stop experimenting – the ways in which you can hone and expand on your art is as infinite as the possibilities in which you can create it. Most importantly, pursue something that YOU are passionate about. The “profoundness” of an artistic concept only goes as far as the conceiver allows or is capable of; stick to your guns and you will come up trumps.