Top Arts 2013

Image: The road ahead Image: The road ahead

Mietta Mullaly
The road ahead

colour inkjet print
90.4 x 120.0 cm (image and sheet)
Studio Arts
Star of the Sea College, Brighton

This photograph of The Road Ahead depicts three repeated heads decorated with elements of architecture, symbolizing the human structure as a canvas for architecture. The collection of white plastic and paper components has been arranged on the human face to represent aspects of city life and the environment we encounter. This embodies the idea that although we live in a world of architecture, a world of architecture lives within us too, through the many physical features that structure our unique appearance. The futuristic representation of this motif is inspired by our constantly growing and changing world.

Advice to new students
To any student taking Studio Arts as a 3/4 subject in the future, I think the most important piece of advice that I could give, is to choose a theme/concept that you’re interested in and have fun with it. Initially I found it really difficult to think of a theme because I thought it would define the rest of my year in Studio Arts and I didn’t want to make the wrong decision, but then I realised that you can choose anything you’re interested in and you can make it what you want. I chose Structures as my theme and at first I thought I’d be restricted to creating art purely based on architecture of buildings and houses, but through the design process I was able to extend these ideas into other things that I really wanted to explore. For example, the design process enabled me to explore the human form in relation to the concept of structures, which has resulted in the creation of two of my final pieces. I think that choosing a theme is really important, but it’s important to know that it’s what you do with your theme and the way you explore it in the design process, that defines the basis of your artwork.