Top Arts 2013

Image: The seven deadly sins Image: The seven deadly sins

Nathan Parker
The seven deadly sins

digital flash animation, sound, 12 min (extract)
Studio Arts
Box Hill High School, Box Hill
My piece was a series of animations based on the ‘Seven Deadly Sins.’ I made them digitally in Flash using a graphics tablet. Each animation was a self contained narrative based on a sin, focussing on the circumstances surrounding someone with each vice, such as their motivations and the consequences of their actions.
I love animation because it’s a captivating medium that also allows total creative control. I watched several cartoons growing up, and was inspired by online Flash animators proving that you don’t need a huge studio, just dedication.
Advice to new students
The theme is just as important as making something that looks pretty. Make sure you make something with a clear message that you can ramble about in reports.