Top Arts 2013

Image: Amulet Image: Amulet

Oliver Reade

enamel paint on canvas
300.0 x 240.0 cm
Studio Arts
Collingwood College, Abbotsford
Most of us have an object of close belonging. An amulet is something that holds great sentimental value. I have focussed on my personal amulet, my teddy bear, Rus.  I wanted to share and engage the viewer with my feelings and emotions of owning an amulet, which can be comfort, support and happiness. To reflect this I have used bright uplifting colours with encapsulating organic lines and patterns.Works by local street artists have inspired me to create on a large scale, adding dynamic impact to the final artwork.
Advice to new students
Make sure to progress your folio throughout the school year, and there are no limits to the physical presentation of a final artwork. Look for inspiration and explore local and emerging artists of your generation and engage with them personally. Being able to communicate with an artist personally is much more valuable than looking at their work on a screen. Carry a daily sketchbook for those inspirational moments.