Top Arts 2013

Image: Alex Image: Alex

Rebekka Lord - Johnson

incised enamel paint an aluminium
(a-k) 13.5 x 90.0 x 30.0 cm (installation)
Firbank Grammar, Brighton
Alex is a series of portraits etched onto sandpapered and spray-painted Coca-Cola cans inspired by the phrase “Read between the lines”. Each can, depicting Alex, represents a moment of either negative or positive judgement – of labelling. The Coca-Cola cans represent the branding and labelling that we apply to others - depressed, happy, crazy, reflective etc. Alex exemplifies how each individual is comprised of numerous dimensions, represented by the reflections in the mirror, that are only visible beyond the surface. The crushed cans represent moments of weakness, occasionally juxtaposed against “happy” images.
Advice to new students
My advice to other students undertaking VCE Art and VCE Studio Arts is to love what you do and see it as recreation rather than work otherwise your creativity will be hindered. It’s important to be expressive and be true to yourself as each artist is individual. Also, never compare yourself to other artists – each artist is different and that’s the beauty of art and creativity.