Top Arts 2013

Image: Urban huntress Image: Urban huntress

Remy Wong
Urban huntress

Urban huntress
(a) 160.0 x 60.0 x100.0 cm (variable) (dress) (b) 27.0 x 19.0 cm diameter (head piece)
Studio Arts
Mentone Girls' Grammar School, Mentone
The tie is a confusing item. Men fasten it around their neck as a fashion or business necessity yet it serves little to no practical purpose. In Urban Huntress I explored the notion of the tie as a man’s totem of power by creating a dress that accentuates the female form entirely from ties. The woman in the dress, the Urban Huntress, climbs up the corporate ladder, collecting the pelts, or ties, of the men she conquers as she works her way upwards, smashing through the ‘glass ceiling’.
Advice to new students
I would definitely say keep on top of your folio, especially tracking all your processes and the development of your ideas. It is amazing how quickly your folio can fall behind and it is hard to then motivate yourself to go over your old thought processes once you have moved on in your work. Keeping on top of your folio also means that you avoid those late night rushes the night before the folio is due in (although sometimes those are inevitable). Be prepared to be open to new ideas, as often your original idea, however great, can spark inspiration for even greater ideas that you hadn’t envisioned at the beginning of your project.