Top Arts 2013

Image: Waiting (l' Attente) Image: Waiting (l' Attente)

Rex Kane - Hart
Waiting (l' Attente)

colour DVD, sound, 4 min
Studio Arts
Newhaven College, Newhaven
The central theme is of the elderly, focusing on the lonely, forgotten members of society whose voices are never heard. The piece focused on the link between the elderly and infancy. The animation process evolved, finely manipulating and re-sculpting the model, two photographs were then taken and the process was repeated. The footage was then processed at 15 frames per second and edited in final cut pro. Once footage was complete many hours were spent developing my voice for narration. My animation style was inspired by the dark, melancholy style of Adam Elliot; I have a strong passion for filmmaking and have always wanted to explore Clay-mation.
Advice to new students
Major advice for future arts students would be to avoid stress at all costs, making sure that deadlines are met early. Maintaining a balance between documenting and creating your work. And using the most outlandish idea you can think of and seeing it through!