Top Arts 2013

Image: Family portrait Image: Family portrait

Ricky Cohen
Family portrait

digital print on canvas, digital prints and wood frames
(1 - 15) 137.0 x 214.0 cm (overall)
Studio Arts
Melbourne Grammar, Melbourne
We see our reflection everyday and we completely ignore ourselves. Whether it is when we pass a shop window or the bathroom mirror, we see our reflection but never dare to see deeper, never to see our true selves but only the surface. Throughout this year, I have used photography to explore the contentions of literal and metaphysical reflection through my thoughts, family and experiences. Using mirrors, Photoshop and a camera I wanted to delve deeper into how a person has a resonating darkness that lives inside them.
Advice to new students
For the students that are starting Studio Arts in 2013 the only thing that I can advise you on is to follow what you love and what you want to do. I enjoyed doing SAT2 so much more than SAT1 because I was too busy trying meet the criteria, and not enough on what I wanted. I started using my sketchbook as a personal diary and it expresses the journey that I undertook in Studio Arts 2012, and there is nothing more organic and natural looking than when you express your real wants and thoughts in your sketchbook. Doing what you want will help motivate you to work on your folio everyday and on your art plus the end results will be promising because you’ve done the hard work. I think some people are too scared to write down what they really feel about their art and what they want to do, I feel as though my art is extremely personal and is a physical extension of my own thoughts and though I have trouble explaining what my art means, I am glad I chose what I did. The other advice is to have a theme for your SAT1 before the school year starts. I had this advice from my sister who did Visual Art 3/4 and her friends who did Studio 3/4 and they all told me this and I had chosen ‘reflection’ and was ready to go when we started in Term 1. A lot of my peers were pondering and researching into week 6 or 7 and this impacted on their overall folio because they had wasted a lot of time at the start of the year.