Top Arts 2013

Image: Not Over You Image: Not Over You

Sam Cucchiara
Not Over You

colour dvd, sound, 3 min 30 sec
Studio Arts
Nazareth College, Noble Park Norh
Not Over You is a music video set to the song of the same name, that explores the necessity of human connections and how fractured relationships can foster lives of desolation and despondency. Juxtaposing the effervescence of falling in love with the melancholic aura of broken relationships through contrasting color and cinematography style, Not Over You urges we all denounce our true feelings to others important to us, and never take them for granted - some people are truly worth fighting for. Not Over You was shot digitally in high-definition using a DSLR camera.
Advice to new students
Firstly, I would tell VCE Art and Studio Arts students to step out of the shoes of a ‘student’ and step into the shoes of an ‘artist’ during VCE. For me, completing a film was as much about my personal interests as it was about completing course work. Choose something that interests you and work within a form that complements this – something that you have an idea, message or opinion in which you want to convey and express to the world.

Your work can be amazing if you want it to be. Don’t feel limited by the resources you have available to you or the fact that you are just a student – hard work, dedication and belief can transcend even the most desolate art classroom.  You don’t necessarily need professional and expensive equipment or materials to achieve amazing results – a little ingenuity goes a long way. Having said that, remember to keep everything in perspective; ultimately, you are a VCE student and therefore should create works that are within your capabilities. For example, creating a two minute film shot at a few locations with a powerful message would be much more effective and successful than creating a ten minute animation or stop-motion film that turns out rushed because you ran out of time.

Finally, manage your time extremely wisely and don’t waste time. Create a detailed timeline at the start of the year and stick to this. Break everything into manageable chunks to ensure you don’t rush your work. It is challenging to manage such a big workload, but with correct time management it can be done! It is in the last few weeks before your SAT is due that you will have wished you had made better use of the preceding weeks.