Top Arts 2013

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Samantha Stephens

colour inkjet print
29.7 x 497.0 cm (image), 61.0 x 500.3 cm (sheet)
Studio Arts
Firbank Grammar, Brighton
We are all connected in one world, one 'home'. The earth in which we live is a 'home' to everyone and everything is linked together. In the artwork, the observer’s eye never focuses on a single aspect but rather the artwork as a whole. En masse, they create a powerful, universal image which has far greater strength then the individual image.
Advice to new students
That you want to pick a theme or idea that interests you and are inspired by, so you enjoy what you are doing as well as making it broad enough to allow for exploration of many different directions. Really just have fun with it and allow it to take you anywhere. Try anything, because you never know where it will lead you and in some cases lead you on to final pieces from things that happen by mistake. So don't throw anything out or think anything isn't worth using.