Top Arts 2013

Image: Pain Image: Pain

Shannon Malseed

etching and drypoint
18.8 x 57.7 cm (plate), 26.0 x 64.9 cm (sheet)
Portland Secondary College, Portland
I aimed to express to my viewers an intense emotional or physical pain that they can relate to. I intended to capture raw emotion in my subject matter to communicate true pain to my viewers. I created three separate plates to produce the triptych. I used quick and expressive strokes in order to create bold lines to convey tension, texture and contrast in the work. I am influenced by the world around me- seeing people experiencing pain and experiencing pain myself, I became interested in exploring the different ways people cope with physical and mental pain.
Advice to new students
My advice would be to do Art and/or Studio if you enjoy it. If creating art does not bring you enjoyment, freedom or passion then it is not for you. The best works of art I have made are the ones I have enjoyed creating the most. Art is about expressing yourself in a way that words cannot describe, and when you pick up a brush or pencil or camera, you should feel passion and joy, sure sometimes everyone will get frustrated because things may not turn out looking like what you had pictured, but that’s all part of the long process of creating works of art.