Top Arts 2013

Image: Women Image: Women

Sondrine Kehoe

colour DVD, sound, 4 min 42 sec
Studio Arts
Canterbury Girls Seconday College, Canterbury
What transforms one's perception of their body – and in particular a woman’s body? This question influenced me to produce a film that reflected both the inequality between man and woman as well as the media's influence on body image. Heavily manipulated music and a variety of editing techniques including reversing, speed adjustment and tinting were employed to create surreal movement and reflects the unrealistic ‘ideal’ body that is projected by the media. I intend to encourage the individual mind and highlight the absurdity of the gender roles that society has burdened itself with.
Advice to new students
It is important to establish a good relationship with your teacher and fellow students, as often their advice is useful. However, your gut instinct is your most trustworthy guide. Both Art and Studio Arts provide a wonderful opportunity create more than just artworks. The creative process enables one to reflect on both oneself and society as a whole – thus choose your theme carefully. Also, I highly recommend visiting as many galleries as you can – both public and private – as you will leave feeling fresh and inspired. But most importantly, enjoy every step of your creative journey – both subjects will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your VCE!