Top Arts 2013

Image: The end of desire Image: The end of desire

Stephanie Berlangieri
The end of desire

cut text, illustration and inkjet collage, synthetic polymer medium and wood frames
(1-8) 85.0 x 73.0 cm (overall)
Studio Arts
Avila College, Mount Waverley
This work is primarily concerned with the notion of desire as a motivating, constant and often tormenting force. Desire is intrinsically cyclical in nature, and I have sought to document its associated psychological states including yearning, frustration and acquisition, inevitably followed by regret and loss. With reference to William Blake’s etchings contained in For Children: The Gates of Paradise as well as Dadaist collage techniques, seemingly disparate elements and fragments from magazines and typographic sources achieve a new sense of harmony, visual dynamism and relative balance within the works.
Advice to new students
I think it is important to ensure that you are sincerely interested in the theme or concept you are investigating in Studio Arts, it should be broad enough to allow you to explore a number of creative avenues and choosing something that truly engages will lend a genuineness and integrity to your work. It’s also good to draw influences from a range of sources, don’t limit yourself to the accessibility of blogs and internet sites – refer to literature, films, music and your own personal experiences. You should also be willing and confident enough to explore ideas that are unique and individual, and try not to rely on the opinions of friends and peers in making decisions regarding your work, as art is inherently subjective, and ultimately you are the artist who is communicating your own ideas and meanings.  Finally, plan your time effectively so that you can achieve all that you would like to within the limited time frame – this will also allow you to deal with any problems that inevitably arise in the creative process.