START UP: Top Arts 2014

Example Folio: Art


SAT: Criterion 1
Exploration of personal ideas through a conceptual and practical investigation in art making

Artist: Gemma Topliss

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Siena College, Camberwell

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Gemma began her folio by completing a concept map of thoughts and ideas to draw upon over the year. This related to themes that involved the ordinary, everyday, mundane aspects of individual lives. Gemma collected images that referred to these ideas and concepts, and researched artists such as Chris Ware and Quentin Blake, whose work was relevant to her own. She prepared beautiful, sensitive small drawings to explore her ideas and annotated these with reflections using the language of the Analytical Frameworks. At the start of Unit 4, Gemma completed another concept map, which extended her thinking, and did some research into the history and cultural context of the matryoshka dolls that were to be her thematic focus.