START UP: Top Arts 2014

Image: The subjectivity of interpretation Image: The subjectivity of interpretation

Adrian Del-Re
The subjectivity of interpretation

folded paper
(variable) (installation)
Marcellin College, Bulleen

It was my aim to create aesthetically-pleasing art, with a focus on installation. Although a work focusing on aesthetics may seem superficial, I believe that the aesthetic quality of art satisfies the desire for beauty within the human soul. These post-modern origami forms create completely interpretive shapes through their textured ridges and layering and an overall rounded nature, thus seeming somewhat industrial or man-made with a sense of the organic. Their neutral shades of white emit a sense of aesthetic pleasure through utter simplicity.

My advice to future students...

Never get set on an idea too early. Flesh your thoughts out and explore what other artists are doing in your line of work. The inspiration and influence is what matters. Also realise that your duty to create awe-inspiring art isn’t just to yourselves as artists, but more so to an audience that wants to be satisfied and inspired.