START UP: Top Arts 2014

Image: Artwork 1 Image: Artwork 1

Amy Collins
Artwork 1

colour inkjet prints
(1-3) 40.3 × 57.8 cm (image) (each), 42.0 × 59.0 cm (sheet) (each)
Frankston High School, Frankston
This work aims to express strong feelings of anger and conflict within not only the subject of the photographs but within youth as a whole. Evolving out of my central theme of my generation getting lost in a world of technology and social media, I intended to demonstrate the hardship we face in creating our identities both online and in real life. Working in a triptych format, as inspired by Francis Bacon, allowed me to create a fluid piece with several depictions of emotion.

My advice to future students...

Create something that you enjoy and genuinely believe in and be prepared for hours and hours of work towards this art work. Be confident in what you are doing and listen to advice from your teachers and friends. Never, ever fall behind on folio work.