START UP: Top Arts 2014

Image: Piano – Medium Image: Piano – Medium

Beth Audley
Piano – Medium

colour pastels
42.1 × 29.8 cm (block and sheet)

Westbourne Grammar School, Truganina

A love and passion for music was my initial inspiration for the theme in my works. I was told to choose something that I could put my heart into, as that was the way to great art, so music was the obvious choice. Made using colour pastels, these works are intended to illustrate how the age of the instrument does not alter the quality and beauty of the music it creates.

My advice to future students...

My advice for students going into or that have started Units 3/4 Studio Art is to be patient, but not lazy. You can’t afford to take your time with this, or leave it until the last minute. You have to work diligently and constantly. Be a perfectionist. Don’t stress about it, but do the best you can do. That way, even if you don’t get the mark for it that you’d like in the end, you can still be happy that you did the best you could.