START UP: Top Arts 2014

Image: Passage Image: Passage

Jordan Hall

colour opaque and synthetic polymer resin
24.5 x 31.1 x 11.6 cm
Studio Arts
Scotch College, Hawthorn

My series of sculptures represents my ideas about the interesting things that can be invented by the mind. I have focused on complex abstract shapes, each built from hundreds of layers of acrylic. This forms the smooth exterior of the shapes, and visually contrasts with the hard edges within the form. The aim of this collection is to demonstrate my ability to present my ideas in the most original and unique way.

My advice to future students...

If you have a great idea, chase it, and make it happen, even if it seems impossible. Believe in your own ability and never give up. Manage your time wisely and make sure to finish everything well before your deadlines, working overtime is not fun. Good luck.