START UP: Top Arts 2014

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Emily Hubbard
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fibre-tipped pen
119.8 x 121.0 cm (image), 121.0 x 153.7 cm (sheet)
Studio Arts
Sacre Coeur, Glen Iris

This self-portrait represents the meaning of why photos are posted on social media. In my generation it seems essential to have your photos approved of by your peers, or ‘Facebook friends’. I used my face as I know I am also part of this phenomena and regardless of how critical I am of the idea, I am still preoccupied with how many likes, followers or friends I have on social media.

My advice to future students...

My advice for future students is simple: explore. Exploring is what made me really enjoy and experience new materials and techniques. This kept it always interesting with whatever I was creating. I’d also stress the importance of choosing a theme that you can relate to.