START UP: Top Arts 2014

Image: Movement Image: Movement

Jessica Inci

colour inkjet prints on nylon, metal rods
185.0 x 150.0 x 19.0cm
Studio Arts
Lauriston Girls School, Armadale

Movement focuses on three concepts: energy, time and space. Being interested in the power and force an action can exert, how humans have the ability to slow down and quicken actions, and the capturing of humans completing mundane activities in an "unlimited three-dimensional expanse" (Collins), this artwork was created. It is intriguing to consider how humans live on the basis of time and how without it humans would be extremely disoriented. Following this I was particularly interested in the expansion of human movement, which is clearly portrayed in my work.

The three photographs of a cropped arm are printed on separate layers of sheer fabric so that when the images are assembled 15cm apart, both depth and movement are achieved. This work aims to portray a soft and natural aesthetic through the tone and colour scheme, which is minimal. This way the movement is dominant and the viewer is able to clearly focus on the motion of the arm.

I feel that this work, and the ideas that support it, effectively explore and portray movement through the overlay of images to create motion and the presentation of the three layers, creating depth.

My advice to future students...

My advice for future students would be to choose a theme that you are either really interested in or passionate about. Also create a weekly planner and stick to it.