START UP: Top Arts 2014

Image: Creating existence Image: Creating existence

Isabella Kelly
Creating existence

119.5 x 166.8 cm (sheet)
Studio Arts
Sacre Coeur, Glen Iris

My key message is the awareness that, as a society, we stereotype and label both ourselves and each other by what we wear. I see this happen constantly and it disgusts me. Each individual’s personality should be considered before their appearance. Through the use and consistent application of grey lead pencils and multiple figures, representing different age groups and attire, the work depicts the persistence of stereotyping and labelling of individuals.

My advice to future students...

Plan ahead and stay on that plan. I decided to create firm deadlines ensuring I got two figures finished per week. This worked well for me and reduced anxiety and stress. Also listen to and work in conjunction with your teacher at all times. Their critical feedback is crucial for success.