START UP: Top Arts 2014

Image: Untitled Image: Untitled

Kiri-Una Brito Meumann

colour inkjet print on vinyl, aluminium and plastic
405.0 x 250.0 cm
Swinburne Senior Secondary College, Hawthorn

Vertical blinds are a standard household item; I re-interpreted this everyday article when I applied an unrelated image to the blades. The choice of showing aged skin is central to this work, I enlarged stretched and physically manipulated an image of my grandmother’s skin. The skin has a very detailed texture which only comes with age and represents the long personal history of the subject. The skin sags and stretches in ways which are not often on display in public, and I have orientated the image contrary to gravity. I want people to wonder which part of the body they are viewing, if it’s an appropriate image of the body and for the viewer to be momentarily uncomfortable.  I believe the image is honest, intimate and possibly confronting. The blind must be viewed from both sides and at all intermittent positions during rotation, there are discoveries to be made.

My advice to future students...

Art is a discovery process, be open to it.