START UP: Top Arts 2014

Image: I appear missing Image: I appear missing

Nick Mahady
I appear missing

synthetic polymer and enamel paint on canvas on composition board
84.0 x 120.0 cm
Studio Arts
Xavier College, Kew
I appear missing is the first of four panels in this work. The panel shown here is the incomplete 27-layer version that is inspired by the idea that people have different levels of vulnerability and each person responds differently to pain and sorrow. Kalie Garrett’s use of expression and honesty in her photos heavily influenced my art, as did the song I Appear Missing (Queens of the Stone Age)

My advice to future students...

To other students undertaking VCE Art and VCE Studio Arts remember time is your enemy. Remember to work consistently throughout the year and plan. Try and balance all aspects of the course; theory, folio and the artworks, don’t leave anything till the last minute. Talk to teachers, students, family and friends for new ideas and their opinions on the work. This can bring new directions and open you up to seeing other aspects of your work.