START UP: Top Arts 2014

Image: Agenda Image: Agenda

Georgia Mein

colour inkjet prints
(1-10) 39.2 x 83.8 cm (each), (11) 39.2 x 80.1 cm
Catholic College, Sale
Agenda is a series that examines the constraints of sexual category, the complex relationship between masculinity and femininity and the portrayal of aesthetics in personal identity. Questioning the beauty, sensitivity, aggression, confidence, disconnection and passion that lie within both the sexes, viewers are inevitably and immediately drawn to wonder about the ‘real’ or 'true' gender of each subject. This immediate reaction highlights our entrenched ideals that we must be one gender or the other and that the social expectations of gender defines both our internal and external self. As viewers continue to try to ‘solve’ the gender puzzle presented within each image, the series attempts to lead them to consider the masculine and feminine aspects of their own identity, to solve their own puzzle about the qualities, attributes and behaviour they disguise or celebrate because of social expectations, gender ‘norms’ and institutionalized ideals.

My advice to future students...

Immerse, push and believe in art and most importantly, yourself. Have passion and determination but remember that it is okay if your idea doesn’t work out how you first imagined it should. It could be even better, if not, keep trying. Be open to be inspired from new and unexpected places and never be afraid to ask for help or seek advice. Most importantly, take yourself seriously, be completely unapologetic and fearless in your convictions and ideas, don’t be afraid to the push boundaries, and make it count.