START UP: Top Arts 2014

Image: 4D7 Image: 4D7

Tommaso Nervegna-Reed

synthetic polymer paint and coloured ink on composition board
(1-3) 120.0 x 720.0 cm (overall)
Studio Arts
Wesley College, St Kilda Road campus, Prahran

The ideas behind Buddhist meditation inspired me to paint 4D7. The painting consists of a continuous flow of layered imagery forming a stream of consciousness, where the past, present and future co-exist at the same moment. The compositional technique is like writing, moving from left to right, and the images primarily overlap this way. This overlapping fashion is due to the order in which I painted this artwork, where my train of thought started in the red and developed progressively through black over to the blue. These transformations are, to me, reminiscent of the slow fades in cinema, which always tend to signify transition in time. Also the linearity of the piece is like the strip of film.

My advice to future students...

Start your final artwork as soon as possible and don’t be fooled into thinking you have the same amount of time for SAT 2 as SAT1. I would also suggest typing your closing statements as you can perfect and edit them. Keep your options open with your potential directions from SAT1. I had around 25 potential directions, having this many gives you a lot to write about as to how you combined and discarded ideas for your finals.