START UP: Top Arts 2014

Image: Mind like a river Image: Mind like a river

Hieu Nguyen
Mind like a river

colour digital inkjet print
83.0 x 116.8 cm (image and sheet)
Studio Arts
Melbourne High School, South Yarra

My folio dealt with exploring the intrinsic connection we have to nature and our recurrent relationship with the natural world around us. For example, the way the mind flows with its thoughts, is much like the vast sea constantly moving with its ebb and flow. Or the way dreams allow us endless freedom to explore and experience our senses. I have tried to communicate the relationships between the human condition and nature by exploring certain aspects of nature — the sea, the sky, the swan and the butterfly.

My advice to future students...

Make sure you enter Studio 3 / 4 with an idea and theme that’s quite broad so that in turn you can explore a lot of pathways. If your theme is broad it allows you to redirect your ideas if necessary. Also, make sure you love your idea, because you have to commit to it with your all.