START UP: Top Arts 2014

Image: Happiness Image: Happiness

Kelly Peck

116.0 x 151.0 cm (sheet)
Studio Arts
Eltham College of Education, Eltham

I chose to explore the theme ‘happiness’, and more specifically the way in which happiness is contagious. I can’t help but smile when I see someone with an expression of joy. I wanted people to smile at my work and briefly share the subject’s happiness. The large scale of the work creates visual impact, capturing the audience’s attention, and the loose lines of the work reflect the carefree nature associated with happiness.

My advice to future students...

Choose a theme that excites you and has multiple aspects to it, also choose a medium you enjoy using and feel comfortable with, but don’t be afraid to push yourself and take risks. Annotate your folio work as you go so it is still fresh in your mind, and stick to your timeline.