START UP: Top Arts 2014

Image: Mountain goat Image: Mountain goat

Taylah Ransome
Mountain goat

38.0 × 31.9 cm (block), 44.0 × 38.5 cm (sheet)
Ave Maria College, Aberfeldie

I wanted to evoke a sense of awe and appreciation of the intricate and exacting of animal markings, features and coats that are often overlooked by the viewer. Exploring and immersing myself in the meticulous and magnified characteristics of animal features I aimed to portray and highlight the animal’s liveliness, curiosity, wonder and beauty. Through linocut technique and process I was able to display a realistic and parallel connection between an animal’s beauty and the human eye.

My advice to future students...

Be passionate, consistent and dedicated to the theme you have chosen and always trust in your abilities no matter how many setbacks. Art is about expression, whether it is in the smallest or purest form, it tells a tale from deep within you and evokes freedom and encourages imagination.