START UP: Top Arts 2014

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Sarah Robinson

ultra violet paint on glass, mirror, synthetic polymer paint on wood, metal stands, ultra violet light
102.0 x 122.0 x 60.8 cm
Huntingtower School, Mount Waverley

The intention of this work was to prompt the viewer to question their individuality and the formation of their identity within the context of a wider society. From this work the viewer can gain a perspective of themselves as an individual, but also as a member of a crowd. In this way they can consider how they define themselves as an individual and discover what makes them unique.

My advice to future students...

I would advise future students to be as organised as possible. This will enable them to thoroughly develop their ideas and techniques as well as create a final product that is well thought out and skilfully executed. It will also help to reduce the stress of a busy Year 12. I would also like to encourage students to look within themselves and draw inspiration from their personal experiences so as to enhance the messages that they present in their work.