START UP: Top Arts 2014

Image: The Dublin mariner: 45816 Image: The Dublin mariner: 45816

Osgar Teague Murphy
The Dublin mariner: 45816

colour laser prints
(1-3) 40.3 x 28.4 cm (image) (each)
Studio Arts
St Kevin's College, Toorak

Who is to say what you see in front of you is not real? Believe it if you choose. This is a homage to my great grandfather Thomas Murphy. A proud Dubliner, an Able Seaman, a man recognised only to the British Mercantile Navy as 45816. There is always more to a face then meets the eye. Look into his eyes and believe his story.

My advice to future students...

Be meticulous when deciding upon your theme. You’ll spend your whole year using this as a basis for your work, so decide upon one that you enjoy and also one that allows for significant exploration. Also don’t be afraid to try something outside the box, especially if you believe it holds potential for beauty.