START UP: Top Arts 2014

Image: Nevo Image: Nevo

Tia Clothier

blue ballpoint pen and watercolour on composition board
(1-3) 91.5 x 61.5 cm (each)
Studio Arts
Hampton Park Secondary College, Hampton Park
Nevo is a mixed media portrait series which focuses on gender and its performative nature. Using ballpoint pen and watercolour paint the series aims to present the ways in which Nevo, who is currently undergoing a gender transition, 'performs' to communicate his preferred pronouns, minimise his dysphoria, and navigate the gendered society we live in.

My advice to future students...

Choose to focus on something that interests you, will provide a challenge and tackle it in the most creative way possible. Use media and materials you're not so confident with and learn to use those you are confident with in new or unconventional ways. Expand your mind and abilities; push yourself as far as possible.