START UP: Top Arts 2014

Image: Malice Image: Malice

Paris Triantis

synthetic polymer paint on canvas on plywood
122.2 × 91.8 cm
Studio Arts
Canterbury Girls Secondary College, Canterbury
Perhaps villains, such as Medusa, are simply misunderstood. Through Medusa’s transition depicted on these canvases, one can observe the Menace of the curse, the Malice of Medusa’s rage, and the Mania experienced by her at the end as she decides to take revenge. One witnesses the villain turning into the victim.

My advice to future students...

When deciding on your theme, be sure you have an immense passion for it. From passion comes inspiration and the will to keep going with your artwork. It means that you will enjoy every second of making your theme come to life, which makes the long hours and late nights worth it.