START UP: Top Arts 2014

Image: Sina and the tuna Image: Sina and the tuna

June Uili
Sina and the tuna

incised white pastel on orange paper
(a-e) 45.0 x 120.0 cm irreg. (image and sheet)
Studio Arts
Sunbury Downs Secondary College, Sunbury
As an artist this work is important and of great value to me, as it reflects the cultural significance of Samoan mythology and culture. For the viewer I hope to achieve and portray fascinating interpretations through the use of an array of shapes, lines and detailed patterns.

My advice to future students...

In any folio subject this is probably the most common advice given to students which is to not procrastinate. It is also important to explore an issue or a theme that you are passionate about, as this limits the possibility of running out of creativity and therefore staying linked to your topic. The exploration proposal will become your best friend, so it’s vital that you use it to the best of your ability as it can reiterate what you are exploring and it can also bounce off new ideas if you do have a blank mind or have run out of ideas. Finally my last advice would be to explore, and to not be afraid of what your work looks like. I was a bit of a perfectionist at the beginning of the year however that did not help me as it restricted me from being innovative. You will find a lot more the more free you are with exploration and in turn the quicker the pages will fill up in your folio.