START UP: Top Arts 2014

Image: Beyond the memories (Fushigina taiken, futatsu no sekai) Image: Beyond the memories (Fushigina taiken, futatsu no sekai)

Darcy Whitworth
Beyond the memories (Fushigina taiken, futatsu no sekai)

fibre-tipped pen
107.0 x 159.8 cm (image), 114.0 x 175.0 cm (sheet)
Studio Arts
Christian College Institute of Senior Education, Belmont

What makes a person hold on to a certain place? Is it the people they meet there? The sights they see? How is it that experiences mould an individual’s identity, their perceptions of self and of the world?

This artwork, inspired by the rich and changing landscape of Japan, endeavours to depict my own journey of discovery through a six month exchange. It portrays the numerous layers within the society and how, through the eyes of a young adult, these aspects of life can be perceived as utterly divergent and captivating.

My advice to future students...

Studio Arts, although commonly perceived as tedious and time consuming, provided me a gateway for creativity and open-mindedness, which was absent within other VCE subjects. I have learned through my own endeavours, that organisation, along with a budding innovative mind, is key to achieving success within art subjects. In order to meet deadlines, create charts, tables or lists to keep you on track and in front, especially for folio work. In doing this you will alleviate further unwanted stress and remain positive about your artwork’s creation. I would also highly recommend communicating regularly with your teacher and fellow students to receive alternative feedback and new ideas to guide your own.

However, most importantly, remember to enjoy what you are doing and the journey of constructing an work of art which reflects your own individual thoughts.