START UP: Top Arts 2014

Image: Tea time at the edge of madness Image: Tea time at the edge of madness

Mollie Wilkins
Tea time at the edge of madness

colour digital inkjet print
59.2 x 83.6 cm (image and sheet)
Studio Arts
Warrandyte High School, Warrandyte
Tea Time at the Edge of Madness reflects the inexplicable nature of insanity and nonsense, the idea of external presence versus internal deliberation and the interplay between the light-hearted exterior and the underlying conflict that lies beneath. The characters are juxtaposed against both one another and their environment. Each element simultaneously at home amid the absurdity and yet all at once out of place. What’s really going on? You decide.

My advice to future students...

I know it sounds corny but don’t give up- at the same time don’t have unrealistic goals. Know what you can accomplish already and aim that little bit higher. Push yourself but don’t think you’re going to magically become Picasso overnight. Unless you do, in which case that’s pretty cool!