START UP: Top Arts 2014

Image: Nothing lasts Image: Nothing lasts

Angus Wishart
Nothing lasts

watercolour and ink
31.8 x 397. 2 cm (image and sheet)
Wonthaggi Secondary College – McBride Campus, Wonthaggi
Clouds will always swirl and billow and change and things will grow and die in the ever-moving moments in time. If the viewer should become detached from their own reality and lose themselves in my work, even for a moment, then I have succeeded in my intentions. This wordless story draws upon what it means to be both young and old, to be lost and find freedom, to end at the beginning, and that when considering life and death, nothing is permanent in this world. It is both joyous and sad that time will pass and nothing will last.

My advice to future students...

Art is about being creative and using our imagination, so let this passion for creativity keep you motivated. To do this, make sure you decide on a theme which allows you to draw on as many different influences and ideas as possible, to keep that creativity flowing throughout the year.