Design Week in Geelong

Melbourne Design Week expands to Geelong in 2019 to showcase why the city has recently been recognised as a UNESCO City of Design. More than twenty events during Design Week will aggregate the aspirations and agitators of Geelong’s creative community, and provide an opportunity for all Victorians to discover the depth of design the city has to offer.

Bauhaus Centenary: Ludwig Hirschfeld Mack 10am, 14 Mar | Free entry Vital Signs: Smart city, living city 8am, 14 Mar | Free entry A world according to love – poster exhibition and forum 6pm, 14 Mar | Free entry A Busy Intersection: Design and Education in Geelong 1.30pm, 14 Mar | Free entry Creative conversation: Ludwig Hirschfeld Mack 6pm, 15 Mar | Book now Geelong! Shaping a smart, digital and sustainable future 4pm, 19 Mar | Free entry Places for people and mixed mobility 1pm, 20 Mar | Book now Christian Bason: Enabling Transformation Through Design 7pm, 20 Mar | Free entry The role of design in the Future World of Work 8.30am, 21 Mar | Free entry Nicole Kalms: Gendered design 12pm, 21 Mar | Book now Explore Geelong’s green rooftops 2pm, 21 Mar | Book now Dale Hardiman: Pro-am (Professionally Amateur) 6pm, 21 Mar | Book now Championing the city of design 6pm, 21 Mar | Free entry De-risking innovation with experimentation 8.30am, 22 Mar | Book now Re-imagining Affordable Eco Housing 12.15pm, 22 Mar | Free entry Centerpoint arcade and the architecture of inclusion 3.30pm, 22 Mar | Book now Sightlines and sewerage 5.30pm, 22 Mar | Book now The Reimagination of the Languishing Object 6pm, 22 Mar | Free entry Nature, design and us 9am, 23 Mar | Book now Space, gender and safety: Creative collabs workshop 11am, 23 Mar | Free entry When new meets old: Good design and heritage 1pm, 23 Mar | Free entry Creating Healthy Engaged Communities for a Clever and Creative City 1pm, 23 Mar | Free entry Jefa Greenaway: The Echo of Country 10.30am, 23 Mar | Free entry