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Pull out your cameras and join us in capturing Melbourne in Summer 2013-2014. The NGV wants you to be a part of Melbourne Now.

NGV International
Now Number 002

Join photographer Selina Ou and hundreds of other Victorians in a unique photo project as part of NGV’s Melbourne Now. Ou is known for her photographs of everyday people in their workplaces and homes. For Melbourne Now, Ou invites all Victorians to take and share photos of people in their own communities, creating a mass snapshot of who we are. On display at NGV International.

Getting involved, tips and more

Photographer: Nino muratore | Title: Elwood boys | Location: Photographer:  | Title:  | Location: Photographer: Heather Schwarz | Title: Doc and his Delorian | Location: Vic Steam Rail Open Day, Newport
Photographer: Heather Schwarz | Title: Top Hat | Location: Flinders Street Photographer: Heather Schwarz | Title: How would you  like your hat sir? | Location: Fed Square Photographer: fiona  | Title: untitled | Location: springvale
Photographer: janina nowak | Title: Solitude | Location: NGVA Photographer: janina nowak | Title: Janina and Vox | Location: NGVI Photographer: Selina Ou | Title: Flowers Round The Hours | Location: Town Hall, Melbourne, VIC
Photographer: Selina Ou | Title: St Patricks Day Festivities | Location: Elephant & The Wheelbarrow, Melbourne, VIC. Photographer: Selina Ou | Title: Grayson, St Patrick's Day | Location: Melbourne, VIC. Photographer: Thi Nguyen | Title: Joeli and Thi | Location: NGV International
Photographer: marika | Title: katie p | Location: barringo Photographer: Hayley | Title: Ticket booth  | Location: Moomba Photographer: Hayley | Title: Game stand | Location: Moomba
Photographer: Mary Bluer | Title: Coburg Christmas | Location: Coburg Photographer: Jessie Mallett | Title: Hay Shed Fire - Malmsbury  | Location: Malmsbury, VIC Photographer: Marika | Title: Katie P | Location: Home
Photographer: mahamed farah (zak) | Title: life through aviators | Location: footscray Photographer: Brooks | Title: Ruby doing a Stag | Location: Donvale Photographer: Niklas Passmann | Title: Lawless | Location: Mount Dandenong
Photographer: Georgette Collins | Title: Acoustics in the dome | Location: Geo-dome at NGV Photographer: Fynn McLean | Title: Appreciating Art | Location: NGV Melbourne Photographer: Fynn McLean | Title: Life on the beach | Location: Mordialloc Beach
Photographer: Selina Ou | Title: Hosier Lane, | Location: Melbourne, VIC. Photographer: Hayley | Title: Puppy | Location: Laundry Photographer: Hayley  | Title: Sophie the cook | Location: Kitchen
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