Hotenrai Ryoshin

The Suikoden (The heroes of the waterfront) was a famous 13th-century Chinese novel of semi-historical romance about a band of 108 outlaws. It was translated into Japanese in 1805.

The popularity of this novel inspired many kabuki plays and similar novels.

Hotenrai Ryoshin, the hero illustrated in this print, was a famous archer and horseman, who was also an expert in firearms. He is represented wearing a beautiful suit of armour in the Chinese style and standing behind a firing cannon.

Hotenrai Ryoshin Utagawa KUNIYOSHI
Japanese 1797-1861
Hotenrai Ryoshin
from the 108 heroes of the Suikoden series
1827-30 Edo, Tokyo, Japan

colour woodblock
37.4 x 25.5 cm (image and sheet)
Purchased, 1992 (AS11-1992)

Hotenrai Ryoshin

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