Kan no Koso killing a dragon

Kan no Koso (Chinese: Han Gaozu), meaning the 'First Emperor of the Han dynasty' (206 BC-AD 211) of China, is depicted as a warrior slaying a dragon.

This print belongs to a set depicting famous Chinese warriors.

Kan no Koso was originally a peasant rebel leader who succeeded in overthrowing the previous Qin dynasty (211-207 BC) and became the first emperor of the Han dynasty.

This print is impressive in the extravagance of the elaborate and intricate detail, which is realised by the technical skill and precision of the woodblock carving and printing.

Kan no Koso killing a dragon Utagawa KUNISADA
Japanese 1786-1864
Kan no Koso killing a dragon
from the War stories of Han and Chu dynasties China series
c. 1829 Edo, Japan

colour woodblock
36.5 x 25.2 cm (image and sheet)
Purchased, 1992 (AS20-1992)

Kan no Koso killing a dragon

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