Kirino Toshiaki's wife

Kirino Toshiaki took part in the Satsuma rebellion which was led by his best friend Saigo Takamori. They died together on 24 September 1877. Toshiaki's wife led the women's auxiliary troops.

Part of the text says:
“During the fight she stands at the head of the women's troops; when resting she offers help, shares out food and looks after the soldiers' needs, together in suffering and joy.”

Kirino Toshiaki's wife Tsukioka YOSHITOSHI
Japanese 1839-92
Kirino Toshiaki's wife
from the Eastern pictures of heroic women compared series
1880. Tokyo, Japan

colour woodblock
34.3 x 22.8 cm (image)
Purchased through The Art Foundation of Victoria with the
assistance of Coles Myer Ltd, Governor, 1993 (AS21-1993)

Kirino Toshiaki's wife

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