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Stories From Old Japan

Stories From Old Japan is a simple animation system that allows students to create stories using the characters and backgrounds of the Pictures of the Floating World. It works particularly well as a small group exercise on an electronic whiteboard
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Stories from students

Enjoy these stories, created by Victorian students using Stories From Old Japan.

Demonstration video

The video on the left shows how to make your own animated stories using Stories from Old Japan.

Teachers' forum

A place for teachers and students to share ideas for using the Floating World resources. Case studies, resources and discussion about integrating this material into the classroom.
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Teachers' case studies

We have created cases studies that show how teachers have used Tales from Old Japan and the Pictures of the Floating World resources in their classrooms.
Review the case studies.

Creating a story

We have created two aids to help students create their own stories:

  • Stories from Old Japan cards: Using these 64 cards, students can work together to rough out story ideas before moving on-line. They are easy to print and assemble, with images on the front and story ideas on the back.
    Download the cards (3.8mb PDF).
  • Scrapbook: On each page of the site, there is a button marked 'Add this page'. These buttons allow you to build a collection of pages from the site. This can be a useful resource when mapping out a story.