Tradition and Transformation was designed by the National Gallery of Victoria's education and multimedia units.

We couldn't have done it without project funding from Multimedia Victoria's Broadband Innovation Fund, and the in-kind support contributed by the National Gallery of Victoria. We thank the Innovation and Next Practice Division, Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, and Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority for their support throughout the project.

The National Gallery of Victoria team comprised of:

  • Jean-Pierre Chabrol - project direction
  • Stephen Gilchrist - curatorial
  • Jose Antonio Gonzalez ' production assistance
  • Maksim Lin - development
  • Frances Lindsay - management
  • Jonathan Luker - supplementary design
  • Brian McKinnon - education
  • Jennie Moloney - copyright services
  • Gina Panebianco - education
  • Judith Ryan - curatorial
  • Breton Slivka - development
  • Marg Stephens - education
  • Benjamin Walbrook - audio design

We also acknowledge the input of group of innovative, resourceful experts who helped us devise, design and launch the BIF NGV websites and activities. They include:

  • Ben Bailey - front-end design and user acceptance testing
  • Melissa Cater - editor and project management
  • Roland Maxwell, Boojum - interaction and educational design
  • Anna Nicholson, Paste - graphic design
  • Jonathan O'Donnell - game design
  • Kate Cooper, Lambourne Consulting - interactive whiteboard design and training.

Our thanks also go to Victorian schools that willingly helped us with research and testing with the real users - teachers and their students. Those schools were:

  • Fitzroy High School (Fitzroy North)
  • Frankston High School
  • Parkdale Primary School
  • Star of the Sea College (Gardenvale)
  • Trinity Grammar School (Kew)
  • Wembley Public School (Yarraville)

A special thanks to art teacher Deb Child and her Frankston High School students, who participated enthusiastically in testing of the Tradition and Transformation teacher resources, agreed to helping us make the demonstration videos, and use the artworks made by students as examples.