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Featuring the work of over 100 artists and designers from 32 countries, the NGV Triennial surveys the best of global art and design, looking at the world through the eyes of today’s most creative minds.

In partnership with the New York Times, NGV hosts interviews and conversations with local and international NGV Triennial artists in the Great Hall.

Artist & Designer Access continues on Sunday 17 December.

Sat 16 Dec, 1–1.25pm (Past)

Behind contemporary images and the lure of consumerism, the persistence of tradition and cultural narratives reveal the enduring nature of history. Timo Nasseri uses mathematics to transform traditional designs, creating sculptural experiences that embody the universal logics of sign systems. Combining the iconographic diamond-shaped designs of his Kamilaroi heritage with stylistic elements of graffiti, Reko Rennie’s works offer new ways of seeing Country and exploring Indigenous culture and identity in contemporary urban environments.

  • Timo Nasseri, artist
  • Reko Rennie, artist
  • Simon Maidment, Senior Curator, Contemporary Art, NGV

Sat 16 Dec, 1.30–1.55pm (Past)

Ben Quilty’s High tide mark, 2016, renders a single life jacket discarded by a Syrian asylum seeker in an impasto, glowing painting style. This one painting is pulling you into a much bigger world and an international crisis involving not one but millions of people.

Sat 16 Dec, 2.30–2.55pm (Past)

Louisa Bufardeci mines data and statistics and transforms these figures into visualisations that report on issues facing humanity, referencing the perils of asylum seeker voyages between Australia and Indonesia. Pae White’s use of everyday materials to create large scale installation and textiles belies the humble nature of their origins, towards the hyperreal. Using materials to disrupt, intrigue and expand our concept of time, place, and process, Bufardeci and White discuss how materials matter in their NGV Triennial artworks.

  • Pae White, artist
  • Louisa Bufardeci, artist
  • Pip Wallis, Curator, Contemporary Art, NGV

Sat 16 Dec, 3–3.25pm (Past)

The ‘ultratechnologists’ at teamLab collaborate with artists, programmers, engineers, animators, mathematicians and architects to create immersive digital installations that respond to presence and movement. Founder, Toshiyuki Inoko discusses the creation of Moving Creates Vortices and Vortices Create Movement, 2017 for NGV Triennial.

  • Toshiyuki Inoko, Founder, teamLab
  • Ewan McEoin, The Hugh Williamson Senior Curator of Contemporary Design & Architecture, NGV

Sat 16 Dec, 3.30–4.30pm (Past)

Employing a new long-range thermal imaging camera developed for military use with the ability to record subjects up to 50 km away in total darkness – Richard Mosse has created a profoundly moving new work capturing events surrounding the bombing of Syria and the flood of refugees from this intractable conflict.

Working with cinematographer Trevor Tweeten, sound designer Ben Frost and writer John Holten, Incoming, 2015–16, is realised as an immersive multi-channel audio-visual installation with footage incorporating images shot on an aircraft carrier operating in the Persian Gulf, the beaches of and the Idomeni refugee camp on the Greek-Macedonian border as well as footage from Macedonia, Turkey and Northern Iraq.

  • Richard Mosse, artist
  • Ben Frost, composer/sound designer
  • Trevor Tweeten, cinematographer/editor
  • Simon Maidment, Senior Curator, Contemporary Art, NGV


Supported by program patrons Maureen Wheeler AO and Tony Wheeler AO.