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Featuring the work of over 100 artists and designers from 32 countries, the NGV Triennial surveys the best of global art and design, looking at the world through the eyes of today’s most creative minds.

In partnership with the New York Times, NGV hosts interviews and conversations with local and international NGV Triennial artists in the Great Hall.

Artist & Designer Access also runs on Saturday 16 December.

Sun 17 Dec, 1–1.25pm (Past)

Through contemporary design, the worlds of creativity and experimentation converge to communicate ideas about the future possibilities of production, the digital and the environment. In the NGV Triennial, Brodie Neill uses experimental digital design technologies to reflect organic forms and natural phenomena and Joris Laarman embraces collaboration with craftsmen, scientists and software engineers to create forward-experimental furniture and production processes.

  • Brodie Neill, designer
  • Joris Laarman, designer
  • Simone LeAmon, The Hugh Williamson Curator of Contemporary Design and Architecture, NGV


Sun 17 Dec, 1.30–1.55pm (Past)

In the work of Uji Handoko Eko Suputro (aka Hahan), the symbolism of traditional Javanese mythology mixes with the artist’s witty critique of the global art world. Hahan discusses his work and illustrates a point of tension between the local and the global.

Sun 17 Dec, 2.30–2.55pm (Past)

Alexandra Kehayoglou’s monumental carpeted landscapes record natural ecosystems in flux. Santa Cruz River seeks to document and give expression to one of Argentina’s most contested landscapes, the proposed site of two major hydroelectricity dams on the Santa Cruz River. Kehayoglou discusses the tensions within globalisation expressed through the artist’s woven landscape.

Sun 17 Dec, 3–3.25pm (Past)

In a work that interrogates arbitrary boundaries and imagined divisions, Untitled, 2012–15, merges a mass of thousands of microphones with a choral recording of a poem to envision a time with freedom of movement without borders.

Sun 17 Dec, 3.30–3.55pm (Past)

Tom Crago’s virtual reality work Materials, 2016–17, explores the possibilities of games for mindfulness and reflection, transporting players to awe-inspiring artist designed spaces where aloneness is heightened and existential concepts can be contemplated.

  • Tom Crago, CEO, Tantalus
  • Simone LeAmon, The Hugh Williamson Curator of Contemporary Design and Architecture, NGV
  • Simon Maidment, Senior Curator, Contemporary Art, NGV

Sun 17 Dec, 4–4.30pm (Past)

Adam Linder’s work Some Cleaning, 2013, is a performance during which a dancer choreographically cleans the gallery space. Linder explains why he provides this service to the gallery and its meaning to the viewers’ cultural experience.

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Supported by program patrons Maureen Wheeler AO and Tony Wheeler AO.