Dan Kelly & Declan Kelly DJ set

Sun 21 Jan 18, 8pm–10pm

Past program

Free entry

NGV International

Grollo Equiset Garden
Ground Level

Enigmatic songwriter and guitarist Dan Kelly has been releasing Australian technicolour adventure albums for 15 years, deftly walking the line between comedy, the existential and real horrors of the coming ecological meltdown and the lure of the sub-tropics. Melbourne DJ, Producer and Dan Kelly’s cousin – Declan Kelly has spent the last 21 orbits cultivating a low bank balance in pursuit of left field sonic ecstasies of one form of another. The Kelly cousins collaborate for the first time ever and create a DJ set that combines all of the elements of the universe, time and space mixed with a large dose of truth, beauty and strange outsider global jam ultra vibes.

NGV Triennial NGV International

Supported by program patrons Maureen Wheeler AO and Tony Wheeler AO.