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John Rogers HERBERT
Moses bringing down the Tables of the Law (1850s) {cartoon}; (1872)-1877 {painting}
Past program

Lecture: ‘In Every Respect Equal’: John Rogers Herbert (1810-1890) and the Monumental Moses

Sun 14 Jun 15, 2pm
NGV International
Clemenger BBDO Auditorium
Ground Level

In 1872 the NGV purchased a large mural of Moses Bringing Down the Tables of the Law by John Rogers Herbert, originally created for Parliament in London. However, it was more than a mere copy. Its earnest artist wrote that he wanted Melbourne to have an original, and he achieved this in a surprising way. Though it was initially popular with Melburnians, it was rolled up 70 years ago and hasn’t been on display since.  Now, unrolled at last, what can we discover about this enigmatic painting, concerned with law and justice?

Speaker Dr Nancy Langham Hooper, art historian