Melbourne Art Book Fair: Reading: ’13 Poems’ by Stephen Bram
Presented by 3-ply

Sat 2 May 15, 4pm

Past program

Free entry

NGV International

Great Hall
Ground Level

The public will be invited to participate in the reading of thirteen poems, composed by artist Stephen Bram in 1999, drafted in a single session plus one later revision. Asked about the context of their creation, Bram wrote “At the time I made them I was living in Munich and didn’t know anyone very much. My German was rudimentary so there wasn’t much to read and I couldn’t follow television or radio.  Even the internet was slow back then. I used to complain that I was suffering from narrative deprivation.”

About 3-ply
3-ply is an independent publishing initiative that focuses on publication, writing, editing and translation as an extension of art practice.

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