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Keynote Lecture: Anupama Kundoo

Wed 17 Jun 15, 6pm
NGV International
Ground Level

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‘Given the current context of unprecedented urbanisation on one hand and rapid depletion of natural resources on the other, with growing homelessness and social segregation in our cities – society is clearly at a crossroads’.

Join leading Indian architect Anupama Kundoo as she reveals the potential of architecture to engage with and address the complex intersections of urbanisation, people, culture and nature in one of the most rapidly changing contexts in the world.

Kundoo’s research oriented practice, teaching and work enrich each other in an attempt to build a collective knowledge resource with the people involved in constructing and occupying buildings: engineers, masons, craftsmen, residents, and material suppliers.

Through her projects and research Kundoo illuminates the potential of architecture and design to break new ground in the dynamic and shifting context of India, where informality is entering all areas, so as to enable positive urban transformation. She advocates for a new mindset where innovation focused energy efficiency reshapes  the future.

‘Thinking Power’ embodies two meanings. Reducing energy dependence while simultaneously unleashing the power of  thinking to catalyse sustainable urban development.

Similarly `Building Knowledge’ represents the need for new knowledge in creating buildings with a significantly lower environmental impact, that is also socio-economically beneficial.

An engaging and evocative speaker, Kundoo is at the forefront of Indian architecture that asks whether every architectural project could be a new opportunity to redefine the built environment of the future. 

Speaker Anupama Kundoo was born in Pune, India in 1967. She graduated from Sir JJ College of Architecture, University of Mumbai in 1989, and received her PhD degree from the TU Berlin in 2008. Kundoo’s internationally recognised and award-winning architecture practice started in 1990, demonstrates a strong focus on material research and experimentation towards an architecture that has low environmental impact and is appropriate to the socio-economic context. Kundoo has built extensively in India and has had the experience of working, researching and teaching in a variety of cultural contexts across the world: TU Berlin, AA School of Architecture London, Parsons New School of Design New York, University of Queensland Brisbane, IUAV Venice and ETSAB Barcelona. She is currently Professor at UCJC Madrid where she is Chair of ‘Affordable Habitat’. She is also the Strauch Visiting Critic at Cornell University.

Kundoo’s work extend to urban design and planning projects, with her background in rapid urbanisation related development issues, about which she has written extensively. She  taught urban management at the TU Berlin and recently proposed her strategies for a future city for Africa, as part of the Milan Triennale 2014. She is the author of ‘Roger Anger: Research on Beauty/Recherche sur la Beauté, Architecture 1958-2008’ published in Berlin by Jovis Verlag in 2009. Her latest publication is a book chapter ‘Rethinking affordability in economic and environmental terms’ in the Routledge book ‘Inclusive Urbanisation: Rethinking Policy, Practice and Research in the Age of Climate Change’, 2015.

This lecture is presented with support from Think Brick.


Speaker Anupama Kundoo, Architect