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An invitation!

Are you...
A person who loves photography?
A primary or secondary student?
An on-line gallery visitor?
A member of the general community?
or all of the above?

We are looking for original photographic images, made by you, which explore and celebrate the legacy of Salvador Dali and other surrealist artists. Searching for the Surreal Image is an open photography project, running throughout the Melbourne Winter Masterpieces Exhibition ‘Salvador Dali: Liquid Desire’. We invite you to send us your creations, and to join us in viewing and discussing surrealist art on line throughout the competition period.

Surrealism means...
 a 20th century movement of artists and writers who used dreamlike images and unexpected combinations to represent unconscious thoughts. (For examples have a look at the NGV’s website and others.)

How to Enter
Simply via our website at the NGV-
Make sure your image is a Jpeg file no bigger than 1Mb. Any other format will not be accepted. A selection of images will be displayed on the website and on a monitor in the gallery space during the exhibition.

There are two– Student and Open. You choose the one to which you belong.

The exhibition runs from Saturday, 13th June to Sunday, 4th October, 2009. Accepted images will be shown during this time.  The Submission Period runs between 25th May – 23rd August , 2009.
There are two rounds of judging:

Project Awards           
There will be three awards granted in each category in each round. The award will be a Salvador Dali: Liquid Desire Catalogue (retail value $39.95)  and a Family Pass (2 adults, 3 children -retail value $60) into the Exhibition.  The award is based on how the artist has shown originality in one or more of the following Surrealist qualities: colour, title, place/geography, distortion, hyper realism, optical experiment, dreams, hidden image.  We’ll let you know if you have been granted an award, which will need to be collected from the NGV International Information Desk. The Award doesn’t include transport, accommodation, or expenses to attend. Once we have decided, all decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into. NGV staff may submit images but are ineligible for awards.

Make sure you

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